Manufactures of 3M Commercial Care Products. They are namely;
Twist 'N' Fill Cleaning Chemicals
Hard Floor Maintenance Chemicals
Carpet Maintenance Chemicals
Restroom Cleaning / Disinfectant Chemicals
Marble Care Chemicals
Floor Maintenance Pads
Entrance Matting System
Floor Brushes
Scotch Brite hand Pads, Sponges, Griddle Cleaning, Speciality Products and High Performance Cloths


Manufactures high quality Floor/Carpet Maintenance Equipment which are Precision engineered for unbeatable quality, durability, dependability and ease of handling. They are;
Standard Speed Rotary Floor Machines
Portable Scrubber/Polisher/Shampooer
Ultra High Speed Brunisher
S/Steel H.D. Wet and Dry Vacuums with Exhaust Nozzles
3-Speed Turbo Air Dryers


Minuteman Intl.
Manufactures of a full line of Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Cleaning Equipment - The Company the world's cleaning professionals rely on: They are:
Floor Machines and Burnishers
290 / 390 series Vacuums
Carpet Machines
Floor Machines & Burnishers
Automatic Walk-Behind Rider Scrubbers
Critical Filter and Specialty Vacuums


Pullman-Holt Corp
Manufactures of Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Cleaning Equipment. Pullman-Holt - Sterling Floor Machines are designed for professional Floor Care Maintenance including Stripping, Scrubbing, Spray Buffing, Polishing along with Carpet Shampooing and Bonnet Cleaning. They are;
Floor Machines
High Speed Burnisher
Wet-Dry Vacuums
Carpet Extractor
Auto Scrubber


Rochester Midland
Manufactures of Sanor Fluid Systems - A complete cleaning Systems for Rest-Rooms.
Sanor - the unique and exclusive chemical formula is a mixture of detergents, deodorants and wetting agents eliminates odors at their source, clean and disinfect bowl and urinals and leave a clean, pleasant, fragrances, naturally better restroom atmosphere.
Rochester Midland also have a Kitchen Sanitation programmed focusing on six major problem areas and Hand Care for;
Deep Fat Fryers
Pot and Pans Rochester Midland have recently come forwarded with an unique system - wood and concrete care products; which the market was long awaited. They are;
a) Dri-Cort Floor Cleaner
b)Super Crystalite 450 oil modified wood and concrete floor finish
c) Solvent K-Low odor solvent
d) Tuff-cote Water borne urethane wood coating


Windsor Industries
A world-renowned name in the Carpet Extraction Systems They are namely;
High Speed Carpet Care Fastraction System
Carpet Extraction Equipment
Carpet Vacuum and Dri-matic System
Back Vac and Airflow Machines


Stein & Co. is the Manufactures of efficient, universal, user friendly and hygienic Heavy Duty Electronic up-right Vacuum Cleaners and the Easy and effective Dry Carpet Shampooing Systems. Available in two widths;
SEBO 370 Electronic : 325 MM.
SEBO 470 Electronic : 425 MM.
SEBO due Dri-matic System
SEBO due-P Powder
All models are equipped with Electronic Circuit with Status indications and Speed Control.


STAR is one of the leading manufactures of Professional High Power Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners with Single, Double and Triple Motors, S/Steel Body and Trolley Vacuums They are namely;
STAR 20WD - Metal Silent with 1400 watts motors
STAR 40WD - Metal Silent with 1400 watts motors
STAR 60-2WD - Metal Silent with 1400 watts motor (2 Motor)


Manufactures Hard Floor Maintenance Equipment Such as;
Automatic Scrubber Drier of different Sizes
Compact Rider Scrubber Drier
Vacuum Power Sweeper
Industrial Sweeper
Ride on Sweeper
Heavy Duty Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners
Industrial Carpet/Floor Maintainers


Manufactures of a wide range of innovative quality sanitary maintenance and food service products for Janitorial Industries, Hospitals and Communities.
TTS is one of the largest and most reliable Suppliers for Janitorial Supplies. Their product ranges are;
Mopping / Floor Care Products.
Janitor / House Keeping / Laundry/Hotel Carts /Hotel Care Cleaning Sytem and accessories
Receptacles Bins and Pails
Washing Sytems
Wet Disinfection System, Bio Pforessiona
Safety Signs and Industrial Products
Food Service and Lodging Products
Window / Glass Cleaning accessories


White Mop Wringer Co. is a fully integrated wholesale manufacturer, importer, exporter and manufactures representative for Janitorial, Sanitation, Housekeeping, Food Service, Industrial and Safety Products Industries.
White product range includes;
Mopping Equipment
Floor and Wall Maintenance Products
Brooms, Bruses and Accessories
Waste Receptacles
Window Cleaning Tools
Washroom Accessories and Supplies
Trigger Sprayer & Bottles
Safety Products
Food Service and Lodging Products


Keli Clean is a profession al manufactures and exporters of various mops and other cleaning products since 1994.
They are specialist products for;
Dust Mop
Flat Mop
Wet Mop
Micro Fiber
Window Washer
Micro fiber Cloth


NOFER s.l.
Manufacture of high quality and innovative Heavy Duty S/Steel, laminated on white expoxy Hand Dryers. Nofer develop, design and produce a wide range of Hand Dryers and other products, such as:
Cyclon Hand Dryer Automatic and Push Type
Elios Hand Dryer Automatic and Push Type
Roll Holders
Compact units


Jofel manufacture a wide range of Washroom Products. They use the highest quality components and state-of-the-art technology. Jofels product line includes;
Electronic Air Freshner Dispensers f) Air Freshner Refills
Soap Dispensers of S/Steel, Chrome Plated Brass and Plastic
Paper Towel Dispensers
Litter Bins for offices, Exteriors and Large areas.
Heavy Duty Hand Dryers of Standard Melamina, Spirit and Ibro Models on S/Steel Crome finish.


Manufactures of high quality Sanitary Maintenance Equipment and Supplies. Suitable for Industries, Hospital, Home, Schools and Restaurants. They are namely;
Floor Squeegees of different sizes
Mopping Systems
Floor Scrappers and Strip Washers
Window Cleaning accessories
Soap Dispensers
Janitorial and Housekeeping Trolley


Bobson is meant for Hygiene and environment. Bobson is the preferred choice for all your Hygiene needs. Their products includes;
Different Model of Aerosol Dispenser
Air Freshner Refills
Refillable Soap Dispenser
Paper Towel Dispenser
Feminine Sanitary bins
Urinal Venture Sanitizing System


Manufactures of Biz Aroma brand profressional Washroom and Hygienic Products . They are namely;
Automatic Air Sanitizing Dispenser
Air Freshener Refills
Insecticide Refills


FAKIR - Nilco
One of the leading suppliers of Commercial Cleaning Equipment under the brand name 'NILCO' For more than 30 years Nilco is offering a wide range or Cleaning Machines of high technical standard and first class quality, Nilco range are namely;
Combivacs/Carpet Sweeping Machines
Commercial Cleaners;
Spray Extraction-Brush Automats Cleaners
Industrial Cleaners
Single Brush Floor Maintenance Machines
Scrubbing-drying machines.


The victor range of Rotary Cleaning Machines has proven a success throughout the world because of its quality and reliability. The Victor range of Rotary Cleaning Machines can be seen in daily use in Airports, Hospitals, Schools, Commercial Malls, Hotels, etc;
Victor "EXCEL" brings the ultra high speed machine to the forefront of cleaning equipment for the first time.


Selden Research Ltd.
Selden Research Ltd. Selden is an independent company, manufacturing a wide range of specialized cleaning, hygiene and maintenance chemicals in the brand names of Dyma/Selden for the housekeeping, professional cleaning, industrial and automotive markets.
Selden's commitment to quality in all aspects of goods and services led them to seek and gain B55750 part 2 ISO9002 accreditation in June 1992.


Nan Chuang Chemial Co.
Manufactures of Flora Brand Washrooms Supplies such as Deodorizing Urinal Screens, Para and Non-Para Deodorant Blocks and Rim Cage (Non-Para) Blocks.


Scopificio Luxor
Luxor is a very modern structure manufacturing plastic house hold articles. The company have been successfully operating with foreign and home market with the trade name LUXOR. They are;
Toilet Brush with holder
Dustpan and Hand Brush
Lobby Long Handle Dustpan with Boom
Window Squeegee /Wiper
Telescopic Pole
Ceiling Dustpa
Brooms and Brushes
Floor Sponge Mops


We welcome all Manufactures and Suppliers who wish to promote their Floor/Carpet Care Equipment, Janitorial and Chemical Products in Saudi Arabian Markets.